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Daniel Jones Walk to Emmaus #15 Table of Mark

I greet you with the Living Waters of Jesus Christ. Especially during these distressing times Jesus offers us solace and enduring comfort. In our isolation and anguish He continually guides us back to one another’s love – the uplifting liberation of Christian Community.

In the midst of our trials and fears, clergy are now expressing joyful surprise that their Sunday attendance has increased since the introduction of online worship. The Living Waters of Jesus within each of us seek to merge again into the sturdy river we so rely on.

It turns out our longing for Christian fellowship isn’t seeking a building – our hearts seek the bright Living Waters of one another’s presence and the gift of compassion.

With this in mind, I share some important Crossroads Emmaus news:

Fall 2020 Walks Postponed
Our Board realizes that, even if our society finds a way to safely assemble in time for our 2020 Fall Walks, our Emmaus Community will not have time to assemble Teams prior to our Fall Walk dates. We have voted to postpone our Fall Walks until our Teams and our Walk site are able to adequately prepare. Fall Walks are postponed until 2021.

Website Help Needed
Our Community needs a temporary volunteer webmaster; an energetic creative helper familiar with WordPress. Our Community relies on our website to provide so many essential tools. If you can assist (or know of someone) please contact me:

Virtual Reunion Groups now forming!
Crossroads Emmaus is supporting the formation of online Reunion Groups across our community. Our goal is to rebuild our Community’s on-going accountability conversations within local churches and across the entire Community.

Do you have an existing reunion group?
Do you want to start a new reunion group?
Do you want to join a virtual reunion group?
Do you simply want to know more?

Then stay tuned for details about an upcoming online information session.

Our hurting world needs our faith, our prayers, and our outreach. All God’s children are suffering. As an Emmaus Community, this is our call to bring the Living Waters of Jesus to the isolated, the ill, and the lonely. We are called to be Christianity in Action.


I ask you to seek out the lonely and frightened and pour the bright Living Waters of Jesus into them, by phone, email, snail mail. Each of us yearns to hear a cheerful voice, to know that we are neither abandoned or forgotten.

If you have questions, ideas, or comments don’t hesitate to email me:

God bless each of you in this time of uncertainty and apprehension. We are God’s Children in this time and place.

During these challenging times remember the questions of our Group Reunion Card:
At what moment this past week did you feel closest to Christ?

We now have a wonderful, well produced video explaining The Walk to Emmaus:

Community Spring Gathering Has Been Postoned

Please check back here for further updates. 

Crossroads Emmaus 2020 Walks have been cancelled!


Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in us the fire of your love.

Emmaus Events

Virtual Reunion Groups now forming!

Click here for details and registration.

Virtual Fall Gathering!

Click here for details.

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