The Crossroads Emmaus of New England website is comprised of three major sections:

  • Public section meant for the general public and potential pilgrims. The top-level menu items Home, About, and Pilgrims apply here.
  • The password-protected Community section, meant for those who have already completed their pilgrim walks and are members of the Community.
  • A private Board Room section, accessible to members of the Emmaus Board.

The links are listed by question first and then alphabetically. Click on the link to navigate to the web site page of interest.

TopicMenu NavigationAccessLink to Information
What is the Walk to Emmaus?About - EmmausPublicClick here
When and where are the next Walks?Public - Upcoming WalksPublicClick here
How do I apply for the WalkPublic - Application FormsPublicClick here
How do I sponsor a pilgrim?Community - FormsPrivateClick here
How do I sign up for the prayer vigil?Community - Prayer VigilPrivateClick here
Who are the pilgrims on the Men's Walk?Community - Walks - Current Men's WalkPrivateClick here
Who are the pilgrims on the Women's Walk?Community - Walks - Current Women's WalkPrivateClick here
Who is serving on the Men's WalkCommunity - Walks - Current Men's WalkPrivateClick here
Who is serving on the Women's WalkCommunity - Walks - Current Women's WalkPrivateClick here
Who was on the last Men's Walk?Community - Walks - Men's Walk PhotoPrivateClick here
Who was on the last Women's Walk?Community - Walks - Women's Walk PhotoPrivateClick here
Who serves on the Board?Community - Board MembersPrivateClick here
How do I vote in the Board election?Community - Board Members - Board ElectionPrivateClick here
Where can I find information about Reunion groups?Community - Reunion GroupsPrivateClick here
Application form for pilgrimPublic - Application FormsPublicClick here
Application form for sponsorCommunity - FormsPrivateClick here
Application form for team memberCommunity - FormsPrivateClick here
Board meeting scheduleCommunity - CalendarPrivateClick here
Clergy CEUsAbout - Clergy Information - CEUsPublicClick here
Community BylawsCommunity - Board MembersPrivateClick here
Dates and time of upcoming Community eventsEventsPublicClick here
Directions to Walk LocationPublic - DirectionsPublicClick here
Emmaus weekend schedule - times and locationCommunity - CalendarPrivateClick here
Future walksCommunity - CalendarPrivateClick here
Information about Emmaus for general publicAbout - EmmausPublicClick here
Information about Emmaus for clergyAbout - Clergy InformationPublicClick here
Medical formCommunity - FormsPrivateClick here
Team training scheduleCommunity - CalendarPrivateClick here
Update my contact information (for those who have completed a three-day Walk)RegisterPublicClick here
Volunteer formCommunity - FormsPrivateClick here